Rating Music

Why Rating?

Like or Dislike and 5-star rating are the most common ways we have seen in rating music because they are faster to cast for users but with little precision. Both of these systems can be easy manipulated by users and bots and this is one of the main reasons we don't see digital stores adapting and using them to rank music in their charts. Digital stores rank music according to sales, streams or downloads and these numbers are fully affected by the marketing power of a record label or an artist. This means that if someone who makes music doesn't have a good management and a marketing strategy, in most cases he will never get heard.

On the other hand we have the 1-10 rating which is rarely used but it is more reliable and precise. We used this system and we created a unique way of categorizing music, which is fair to all musicians and bands in the world.

The Tests

We did some homework and it was simple enough. To test the rating system, we invited unknown artists to upload their music and also rate music by other artists in the genres of Electronic Music & Hip-Hop. The result was not only promising but also very informative, since we saw that the user ratings did not have a huge deviation and were usually between 1 to 3 points with very few exceptions that was due to filtering that we improved. This means that a good song will not be ditched and will not be left unclaimed. This is our ultimate goal. To create a filter that the music industry so desperately needs and that will help musicians & bands to get heard according to their music quality outcome.

How Rating Works?

Each uploaded song will receive a fixed number of ratings per period and a final average rating will be locked on the track when the number of ratings reach the limit that is set by our application. Each track has special filters applied that must match up with a raters filter settings. Those filters are the music genre, the target audience and the type of a song(instrumental or vocal). On how to setup those filters check the Genre, Audience & Submission(Artists) and the Settings(Raters). To understand how rating works both for creators and raters, please continue reading below.

The Rating Limit

The limit is updates each month (Beta Only) according to the amount of users who participate in our platform. The rating limit is applied on each track to ensure that all tracks uploaded in a specific period will receive the same amount of listens and ratings.

Are The Ratings Accurate?

To protect ratings from manipulation and make them more reliable and accurate we provide to the rater a random music track that the system selects according to the listener's preferences that a user sets in the settings. All track details are hidden from the user except the audio. The user will have to listen and rate the track before he can view any details of the song like the artist name or the title. Additionally the user cannot bypass the rating of a track even if he leaves the page or he logs out.

Average Rating Reliability

An additional way of protecting the average rating is the creation of the Audit Rating and a point system for any user who ranks music. By applying this we don't only reward users who rate with music in mind but we can check also users that are just rating to either manipulate the process or catch bots that may be created in the future. Users that constantly rate music inappropriately without coherence may be warned, blocked according to their actions in certain genres and temporarily limited.

Even if there are cases where users misrate a good song, this has not the power to affect the average rating of a song as it is being calculated with the rest of the ratings that our test showed as that the majority always win the minority. If a song is good will always go high and vice versa.

How Average Rating is Calculated?

When the rating limit is reached, the song's average rating is locked and cannot be rated further. All ratings are added and divided by the number of ratings to give us the average. We are not rounding the average and we have chosen to have more pricise ratings like 7.865 instead of just 7, which helps ranking songs in the charts correctly and improving the music competition. There are also cases where songs may not enter in our charts. For more information see Chart Rating Limit. In our official release the rating of a music genre will also affect the average rating of a song.

Who Can Rate?

Every human being is a music fan and therefore any registered user is allowed to rate music.

Rating Privacy - Can I See Who Rated a Song?

The rating process is very important not only for artists and their music but also for our platform. If a rater knows that his name will be visible next to a rating and can be seen by an artist, this may affect the way he rates a track and his rating reliability. We want to protect the average rating of a song as well as the raters. An artist is able to see in a track's statistics the % of each rating and a feedback to the corresponding rating, if applicable, but without showing any kind of information about the rater. To protect artists and raters, we decided to hide the user details from the ratings in order to make the rating process more reliable for everyone. By not showing who rated what in public and keeping the rating details hidden, we protect both the song's average rating and the user who rated the song. In a few words artists cannot see who rated them.

The Rating Process

How Long Does It Take To Get a Locked Average Rating?

Approximately 15-30 days. Because ratings are in random, there are cases that some tracks may finish their rating process earlier than others. As we grow as a platform, the time waiting may change according to the users participating and the amount of tracks are in waiting list.

How Many Ratings Will My Song Get?

Each time a song is uploaded to our system, we apply a rating limit that is set automatically at the beginning of each month. In our beta version the limit is scalable always according to the amount of users who participate in the rating process. Don't forget that ratings are done in a random way in order to be fair and accurate. You may see more ratings in a song that was uploaded later than yours. This doesn't mean that you will not receive your ratings but it's caused by random factors of our rating process in order to keep the competition secure and fair for all.

Can Another Song Get More Ratings Than My Song?

It depends on the time that you have uploaded a song. The rating limit in our beta version is scalable which means that as the users of Traxbeat increase, the rating limit will increase. This happens once in a month and there is no quarantee that the rating limit will change. Before our application goes public, we will inform you more about the rating limit and if we will keep using a scalable approach or if we will set a fixed rating limit.

Can I Remove My Song From The Rating Process?

Removing a song from the rating process is impossible. This is because if we allow deletion and removal of tracks, it means that users will be able to manipulate the rating system. Let's say for example a song doesn't get good ratings. You could delete the track, fix it and re-upload it. Traxbeat is made for music that is ready to go to the top. If you are unsure about your music quality, don't hurry to upload it but work on it a little more till it's ready.

Can I Release My Music Before The Rating Process Has Finished?

Songs are not available in public as long as they are in a rating process. Each song can be released only after it has received a final average rating.

Can I Hide the Average Rating?

You can hide a track to improve either your artist total rating or your release average rating. You cannot hide a track that you remixed or a track that is a collaboration. A remix must be hidden by the original songwriters.

The total amount of tracks that you can hide cannot exceed 25% of your total uploads with a locked average rating. This means that you can hide 1 out of 4 tracks you uploaded after using your first 2 Free Hides. After your reach 2 hides, you can buy a "Hiding Rating" option to hide another track for 150 credits (See Pricing). You can always unhide a track to hide another one at no additional cost.

How to Rate?

Rating in our platform is very important, as it affects a song's success and its ranking in our charts. Always rate what you feel, believe and expect about a song. Think also how other people will also react. You may not really like something because it is not your taste, or the exact genre, but it can be a great song for others, so count this when you rate a song. Rating with music in mind, this is what really matters. If you don't like a song at all rate it accordingly. Don't be afraid to be honest and fair.

To start rating a song, you will have to set your rating preferences and favorite genres through your Settings (see more here). When all set, click "Rate a Track" on your left sidebar to start rating music.

When you have set your genre & rating preferences through your settings, you can start rating music by clicking on your left sidebar menu the "Rate" button. If there are songs available, you will be redirected to the rate window where you will see an audio player.

You can listen to the song as many times as you want and until you are ready to rate it. You can also leave the page and come back later to rate the song. You cannot bypass a song to the next one until you rate it. When you are ready select your rating and optionally if you want you can write a feedback or few words to the artist. Click the submit button and you will see who was the musician or the band, the song title and a button to add the song to your favorites. The song now will be added to "Your Ratings" page that you can access anytime.

Your Ratings page

In "Your Ratings" page you can view all the songs you have rated, your personal rating and average rating on each song.

Audit Rating & Points

The Audit Rating is the average rating that a user has according to how well he performs as a rater. Each time a song is locked, our system calculates all raters performance by checking how close their rating is to the song's average rating. A rating is applied to each user accordingly and each rating carries an amount of points that are added to the user. These points are used to rank users in the music fan charts and for our reward system. The closer a rating is to the average rating of a song, the more points a user will receive.


The audit rating is visible only in music fans profiles and in the music fan charts. Artists & Record Labels will be able to disable their audit rating at a later stage. By disabling your audit rating you will not be able to participate in our rewards system or get ranked in the Music Fan Charts.

How Many Credits Do I Get Per Rating?

You receive 1 Credit for each rating you cast. If you add a feedback to your rating, you will additionally receive 2 credits. To learn more about credits See Pricing