Credits, Pricing & Billing

Pricing & Services

Our pricing model is scalable, meaning your costs are likely to be lower from other distributors. In Traxbeat you will pay only for what you really need for, without monthly subscriptions or single one-off payments. For example, distributing a single with 1 track will be cheaper than a single with 2 tracks. Please see the following table for our services and their pricing:

Service Credits in EURO (€)
Upload 5 Credits per Upload €0.099 per Upload
Hide Rating 150 Credits per Track €2.98 per Track
View Retailers
25% Commision Fee
50 Credits (+ 25 Credits per Track)
0% Commision Fee
150 Credits (+ 25 Credits per Track)
25% Commision Fee
€0.99 (+ €0.49 per Track)
0% Commision Fee
€2.99 (+ €0.49 per Track)
Release Update
First Update Free
50 Credits €0.99
Replace File on Distribution 10 Credits €0.19
500 Credits
750 Credits
Downloads (In-Store)* Starts at 5 Credits* Starts at €0.10*

*Downloads: Traxbeat uses a scalable download price with the minimum price for a download to start at 5 Credits, unless it is offered as a free download. Download options and prices can be set only by Aritsts or Record Labels.

Is Traxbeat Free To Use?

Traxbeat is free to use but some of its services require credits. Credits are earned either by participating in our rating system or by purchasing them for €0.0199 per 1 credit.

Are Transactions In Traxbeat Secure?

Your transactions in Traxbeat are secure. For all transactions in our platform we use Stripe & Paypal. We do not store credit card or sensitive information as these information are handled securely and privately by Stripe, the no1 payment processing platform. You can always store a default payment method and the next time you purchase credits, we collect the payment via Stripe. You can also use your Paypal account to buy credits.

I Want To Delete A Credit Card

Once your are logged in to your account, visit "Billing" and then click "Payment Methods". In your payment methods find the credit card you wish to remove and click "Delete". If you don't have any other credit cards stored, the next time you want to purchase credits you will either need to add another credit card or use Paypal for your transaction. Otherwise you will not be able to proceed with your purchase.

What Are Credits & Why Using Them?

Credit is a virtual Traxbeat coin that hold a value equal to €0.0199. The reason why we use credits is first to avoid multiple small payments with additional costs per transaction and also be able to enable our credit award system for our users.

How Can I Earn Credits And Use Traxbeat For Free?

To earn credits you need to rate music. By rating a track you receive 1 credit. If you also leave a feedback you will earn 2 more credits which means a rating with a feedback will award you a total of 3 credits. Additionally at the of each month the top 10 raters will receive free credits to their accounts.

What Is The Minumum Amount Of Credits I Can Purchase?

100 Credits is the minimum amount of credits you can purchase which equals to €1.99.

Are Credits Refundable?

Currently credits are not refundable.