Your Profile

Changing Profile Image

Your profile image can be changed and updated from the left sidebar navigation. In mobile devices you can open your mobile navigation by clicking in the top bar the left item where your profile name appears. While seeing your left sidebard and above your profile name you should see a circular item including the first letter of your profile name. If you hover with your mouse, a "Change" button will popup. Now you can click the button and select an image up to 2MB. When you select the image, you will be able to do final edits like scaling and positioning to your image before uploading. When you are ready select "Upload" and your profile image will be updated both in your account and profile.

Profile Rating & Ranking

These information are visible in the top section of every profile. Each profile will have the user's ranking and average rating which are calculated differently according to the type of a profile. See below for more infotmation.

Artists & Record Labels

Each time a track is uploaded by an artist or a record label, the track is getting rating by random audience until it reaches the limit that is set the corresponding time. When a track's rating is locked, the average rating of the profile is calculated by adding each upload rating then dividing by the count of those numbers. The ranking is based on the average rating of an account and is calculated among all the rest artist or record label accounts of the same country.

Music Fans

Music Fans rating & ranking system is based on their audit rating that is available in all accounts. The audit rating is calculated according to how a user is rating music. The closer a user's rating is to a track's average rating, the better rating he receives. Each rating a user receive is translated into points and ranked against other users in the Fan Charts. See "Audit Rating & Points" for more information.

Profile Pages

Our beta version includes profile pages but with limitations. Currently each profile is available in public. An Artist & a Record Label profile consists of an About page, a Releases page and a Favorites page. Releases page is automatically updated whenever a song is released while Favorites page includes tracks that a user liked. Record Labels also have their demo submission page that they can enable or disable if they wish to not receive demos outside the application. More goodies, like connecting with your social media, will be added at a later stage with additional functionality.