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About Beta Access

What is Traxbeat Beta Access?

Traxbeat Beta Access is a version of our application and services that is made available to a limited number of registered users for testing and using exclusively before its general release. Beta versions may have limitations from time to time without though affecting our core services like music rating & distribution.

How can I join Traxbeat Beta?

To join our beta you will need to apply and sign up for beta access. To submit your application click one of the following buttons throughout the site "Sign Up", "Beta Access", "Join Beta", choose your role and fill in the required fields. Traxbeat team will contact with you to provide you with more details on how you should use your beta account and if applicable our team will proceed with an invitation link. Do not worry if we do not send you an invitation now. Every month we open a new round and as we keep your records, we may contact with you for the next round of invites.

What are the minimum requirements to join beta?

The minimum requirements are: be active in your account at least twice per week, including navigating, uploading music and rating music.

How much does Traxbeat costs?

Traxbeat is free but some services like music distribution or music downloading requires credits. You can get credits by rating music or by buying at the price of 0.0199EUR per credit. Music Distribution starts at 1.99EUR or 100 Credits for a single release with one track. Each additional track costs 25 credits, making Traxbeat the most affordable distribution service in comparison with all other distribution platforms.

Can I release any kind of music?

Currently we distribute Electronic Music and Hip Hop but more genres will be accepted in the following months. To add songs to a release for distribution, the tota average rating must be above 5 and all songs must have a locked AVR rating.

How rating works?

The rating system is working randomly and blindly by matching the song's and user's preferences. This ensures that your music is not accessible outside our rating system and not anyone can have access to your music prior the release. Details of the track are not visible until the final rating is casted. This way we can ensure a fair rating per track as well as provide protection to the whole progress and the ranking charts.

Are audios file safe?

Every audio file that is being uploaded in the digital world and with a link of access, even if downloads are disabled, can be recorded or even downloaded from any device to any device from people in the internet that understand how technology works. Audio files in our platform are available only to a limited users that have participated on rating as well as record companies that have granted access by the uploader of the audio. All our streaming links are bound to a specific user and are active for a limited time making sharing them anonymously impossible.

Why I cannot access my beta account anymore?

If you had access to a beta version but cannot access your account anymore, this means it's either deactivated because of inactivity for more than a week or blocked for illegal activities. If your account is inactive, don't worry. A member of our team will contact you before the next round of invites to discuss the re-activation of your account.