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Meet Traxbeat

Traxbeat is a web application focusing on rating and ranking music with the help of real audience. Traxbeat provides a starting point to every artist and band by evaluating their music uploaded based always in music quality rather than in marketing, allowing every artist and band to focus more on their music.

Traxbeat strives to provide an amazing experience while providing transparent and reliable music charts through a thorough evaluation process that is determined by the musical quality of a song rather than the marketing strength of an artist or a band.

Whether you are new to music industry or have years of experience, Traxbeat is a community that can grow with you. We'll help you take your first steps as a musician or give you a boost as you take your expertise to the next level. We can't wait to see you creating unique music that fully express you.

Why Traxbeat

There are a variety of tools, applications and services available to use that advertise they will help you get heard among millions of musicians. However, no one tells you the truth until you sign up and use these services, since all these in order to work as intended require you to have either strong social media with lots of influence or to have a good budget to spent on marketing on a monthly basis. We believe Traxbeat is the best choice for you because marketing is not involved, is not important and cannot affect your career and process in Traxbeat. We actually do the opposite which is the fairest for all music artists without doubt, giving zero value to marketing.

Progressive Rating Application

We like to call Traxbeat a "progressive" rating application. By that, we mean that Traxbeat grows with you, whether you are an artist, a company or a music fan. If you're just taking your first steps into music industry, Traxbeat's team vast experience and the love and passion for music will help you learn the ropes without becoming overwhelmed.

If you're a profeesional musician or band, Traxbeat gives you robust tools for evaluating and distributing your music and more. Traxbeat is fine-tuned for quality music delivery without being affected by bots and manipulation tools.

The number of ratings a music track can get is the same for every track uploaded in a specific period and the number increases as the amount of raters increase each month.

A Scalable Distribution

Traxbeat is incredibly scalable. Thanks to its technologies and how the music market works, you don't even need a record label to release your music. Enjoy a fast and cheap system of music distribution allowing you to release your music any time to your favorite digital stores. You can pay per release with Credits or real money or enjoy a yearly subscription with unlimited releases making Traxbeat the most affordable distribution service currently available.

A Community, A Family

Traxbeat is a family that you will continue to expand with. Our goal is to work together with all of you to help all the artists of the world to enjoy what they are always worth according to their offer. We are tired of seeing support on a fake world that exploits art without honoring its creators. So time, all together to make a difference not tomorrow but now!

Beta Access Application

Traxbeat currently is running a beta version with invites only. To get an invitation visit and click one of the following buttons "Sign Up", "Join" or "Register". A dropdown menu will appear where you can select "Artist", "Record Label" or "Music Fan". By selecting the appropriate button you will see a form where you can submit your application for accessing Traxbeat as a Beta user. When you submit the form we will be notified that you are interested on using Traxbeat but this doesn't mean that you have created an acount the time you submitted the form. In order to discover and find possible bugs and errors and improve the user interface and our services further we limit the amount of users so we can handle the amount of problems if any. Additionally, it's easier for us to choose the genres that we will enable through the whole process so if we get more application in the Rock genre field we may invite users that have applied under the Rock music field.

Your Details

The details you submit duting the beta access applications are kept confidential and we are not using them for sending you advertisements or irrelevant emails. We use all details only to evaluate regularly the amount of users we can invite per music category and you will be contacted only if applicable. We assure you that your details including your email are kept safe.

Creating Your Account

Our team will personally contact with you in your email address you provided during your beta application with a unique link where you will be able to create an account to get access to our application and its services. Make sure that any email from @traxbeat.com is accepted and it's not going to your spam or junk folders otherwise you may miss the invitation link. When you receive the invitation link to create an account with us, you are requested to provide us more details like the a unique name, the password you want to use to login to Traxbeat, your birth date and your country of origin.

Your Password

Password nowadays is not always secure enough especially if your password is short. Always make passwords long and include some special characters.

Your Email Address

Your email address is very important because it is required to access your account and this is where we will notify you for all the important things that happen to your account. Make sure that you allow all emails from traxbeat.com and that they are not getting into your Spam/Junk folders.

Your Birth Date

You are required to provide the real birth date otherwise you may not be able to use some of our services. If you are under 13 years old or your country's law doesn't allow you to use our services at your age, you cannot create an account with us unless the account is created by your parent or guardian with their consent to the Agreements, otherwise we may have to disable any access to your account and our services.

Your Country of Origin

Your country of origin is required to have access in some of our services including payments and to avoid unecessary taxation and fees that may occur upon any transactions. Make sure you correctly submit your country of origin because you will not be able to change afterwards.

Getting Started as an Artist

Choosing a Unique Artist Name

An artist name either you are a musician or a band is unique and it should be always unique. If you are new and you don't have any releases, we suggest you ensure that your artist name is unique. The easiest way to do so is to search the name in google search engine by adding also the word music after the artist name. This will show you results if this name is available or taken by someone else. If it's free we suggest you also try to search the name in discogs.com which is one of the oldiest music databases with plenty of information. If you still have a unique name, then you can use it without problems.

If your artist name is being used by other artists already the only solution is to add your country code next to the artist name. For example Traxbeat(UK) or Traxbeat(US). We have also seen people adding a number next to their artist name. We always though suggest to create a unique artist name to avoid any conflictions in the future and to not confuse your music fans. Choosing the right artist name is one of the most important steps before releasing your music for the first time.

Completing your Artist Account Registration

After choosing the right Artist or Band name, fill out the rest fields of the form. Find more details in this section above. After you finish and submit the form correctly, you should be able to login with your email address and password.

Artists Services

We developed Traxbeat with you in mind. You can upload your music, you can listen and rate music from other artists, you can distribute any of your uploaded tracks from the time the rating process has ended, you can view analytics about the rating of a track including audience and the percentage of each rating your track received, you can read feedback and see the number of plays, average and total time a track has been played from each user like in a youtube video which is very important.

If your music gets an average rating of 5 and above your music will be available to our charts automatically with points that reduce over time, see Rating for more details. You can also distribute your music to digital stores of your choise. Each release can include 1 up to 20 tracks. The average rating of a release should always be above 5.5 rating otherwise you will not be able to release and distribute with us. To improve a rating you can always hide a rating of a specific track but there is always a limit to the amount of tracks that can be hidden per account to have a healthy competition between all artists through our charts. More details about your account and services can be found in the Artists Section.

Getting Started as a Record Label

Your Brand Name

If you own one record label you should use that name. If the name already exists because there are other labels using the same name, you should add your country's code after your name.

Completing your Record Label Account Registration

A representative of your company is required to complete the account and provide his name, email address and birth date. In the Country field you should select the country where the company is registered to. Find more details in this section above for all the other fields.


Please note that currently Record Labels invitations are limited due to our Beta requirements. If you want to try our services now, please contact us here

Record Label Services

As Record Label or a Management company you may receive either few demo submissions per week or hundreds per day. The truth is that even if you are experienced, the fans are your customers and the fans are those who will support or not your release. We ensure you that you will save not only time but also money by using our chart system to listen to music that is already evaluated by fans and it's one of the best ways to filter the demos that sometimes you cannot handle and listen to them all. But if you don't receive many you can easily explore our charts to negotiate and license the best rated tracks.

You will have your own label profile including a demo submission page with a link that you can use instead of your demo@yourrecordlabel.com. Any demo uploaded through your page to Traxbeat, will get rated and ranked in your private chart page so you can filter out the best tracks fast and easy.

You will also have access to unique demo charts both ranked or in process, you can view statistics for each demo prior licensing it, you can use our agreement template or upload your own and license any demo fast and securely online with our negotiations window.

You can also upload your own releases to get rated by fans and ranked in our charts to promote your releases without the need of marketing. Your label will also get a rating & ranking depending on the average rating of the music the label licenses, uploads and distributes.

Getting Started as a Music Fan

Your Username

You can use a username that is not used by another user. Your username should not be an artist or brand name. If you create account with a name you do not own, we may change it without prior notice to a random name.

Completing your Music Fan Account Registration

To be able to participate in our services and collect rewards and prices you are required to submit all required fields of the form. Find more details in this section above for all the other fields.

The Music Fan Charts

As Music Fan you will be able to listen unreleased music in the genres you love. You will rate music and be responsible for the success story of a song or an artist. Each time you rate a song you earn Credits that you will be able to use at a later stage to win prizes. You will also compete with others in our unique Fan Charts where those who have their rating closest to the final average rating of a song will receive points. The best raters will enjoy prices and money each month and at the end of each year and the best of all is that you will get the appropriate exposure according to how good you rate music. Like Artists have their own chart system, now you have yours.

You will have your own profile, you will be able to explore music based on quality and you will be able to stream or download the music you love through our charts.

Access Your Account

Login to your account with your email address and password. Once you login, you will be redirected to your Dashboard.

Your main navigation is the left sidebard which may not be visible in small screens. If it's not visible, you can open the sidebar by clicking the first item in the left side of the top menu where you see your name underneath.

The top menu includes a Search button, an Upload button for Artists, an A&R button for Record Labels, a Charts button and a More button where you can find an index of our application including useful links.

Artist Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you details like your current ranking and average rating, the number of your supporters, the audit rating which is result of how you rate music, the total number of your streams and downloads, your revenue (if you use our distribution system) and the total Credits your account currently has.

You will also view important announcements and notifications regarding your account and a graphical chart of rating of your latest uploaded tracks.

Record Label Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you details like your current ranking and average rating, the number of demos you have received and the number of licensed tracks, the number of your supporters, the audit rating which is result of how you rate music your revenue (if you use our distribution system) and the total Credits your account currently has.

You will also view important announcements and notifications regarding your account and a monthly graphical chart showing you how many demos you exclusively receive each day of the month.

Music Fan Dashboard

Your dashboard will show you details like your current ranking, your audit rating & points, the number of your followers and the latest 5 ratings with their current progress.

You will also view important announcements and notifications regarding your account and a monthly graphical chart showing you how many ratings you cast per day.


Forgot Password?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it by visiting the login page and clicking on "Forgot Password". You will need to have access to your email otherwise you may not be able to access your account. We will send you a unique link that you should use only once and within one day before it expires. If it expires, you will have to apply for a new link. If you don't find an email from us in your inbox, make sure to check all your spam and junk folders as well.

After you receive the email from us, click the link and you will be able to set up a new password and access your account.

Disable/Delete an Account

When you create an account you can delete it by visiting your "Settings" and clicking to "Security" tab. At the bottom of the section and under "Delete Account" click the "Delete" button.

You will be asked for your password. Once you have submitted your request, you will be automatically logged out and your account and profile will be disabled and unaccessible.

Improvements, Errors & Bugs

It is very important for us to know what we should improve for you. We always care abour our users and any kind of error or bug you find in our site please report it in our form below or join us on our Discord channel here.