Your Settings


Your account settings is where you find your account's profile and personal details such as your profile name (artist name, company name, music fan username), url & profile role description, your real name, birthday and full address. After you submit your profile & personal details you will not be able to edit some of them later on. This happens in order to avoid people from altering important details while they are using our website. If you have a mistake on your details, you can contact with our support to update and correct if needed. A verification process may be required.

Profile Details

Username - Artist, Record Label & Music Fan Name

Your profile name is unique and cannot be changed after you create your account. Your profile name is what people show in your public profiles, music and charts. A profile name could be an artist name, a brand name, a company name or a random username. If for any reason you want to change your profile name, submit a request here. A verification process may be required depending on the type of the account.

Profile Url

The url of your profile cannot be changed mannually. The url is created from your profile name without whitespaces or special characters. The profile url may change only after a profile name has been updated.

Role Description

Role Description is a short description for your public profile that appears below your profile name. For example an artist account will have "Artist" on their role description unless the user changes it. Some people want to include different words like DJ/Producer/Remixer or Music Lover etc. You can change and update "Role Description" anytime to your needs.

Personal Details

For security reasons personal details are locked once you submit and save them to to our databases and you cannot update them. If you have submitted your wrong details by mistake, you can request an update here.

Full Name

Your full name consists of your first & last name found in your legal documents like your Passport. Your full name is required to use important services including licensing agreements, awards & prizes and for verification of your account when needed and required.


Your gender is also required and may be used for verification of your account.


Knowing your birthday helps us use age-appropriate settings for your account when required and for protection of your account.


Country of Origin is displayed in your profile and is being used to display country charts. The Coutry of Origin is the country displayed in your passport or ID and not the country you currently live on.


In the profile section you can update your biography and links that are available in the about section of your public profile url.


Here is where you will include your biography or a description about you. This is available in the left side of your main profile at the top of the About page.

Here you can add few external links like your official website & your social media. Any empty input fields will not be included in your profile.

Genres & Rating

In the Genres & Rating section is where you save your all rating preferences that are being used from our system in order to match the right music to listen to and rate.

Add a Genre

To add a Genre, use the search input and start typing. You can add as many genres as you wish but make sure that the genres you select are the ones you really enjoy listening to. After you have selected the genres click the Save button to update your settings.

How to delete a Genre

Simply click the genre you wish to remove or type in the search input and click the remove button, then click save to update your genres.

Rating Preferences

It is very important to select carefully your rating preferences. Genres is not the best filter to apply for rating music in our days. We have added few more filters to improve the rating system like the general style of music. In music there are three categories of fans: the mainstream/commercial, the underground and those who are in between. We call this, Style of Music.

Style of Music

Mainstream/Commercial/Radio Friendly Type

In Traxbeat when we say Mainstream we mean anything that is usually easy to listen to by the majority of human beings any time and most of the times have the following moods: happy, chill, funny, sexy, melodic, funky, radio friendly.

Indie/Underground/Obscure/Experimental Type

There are genres of music that tend to be not so commercial or not very supportive. There are also genres that have songs that are not so radio friendly or songs that are made for DJ use and not radio friendly. Usually those songs are characterized by the following moods: hard, sad, dark, monotone, revolutionary, club/dj friendly.


Of course there are also fans that do like both Mainstream and Underground Music, therefore you can select "All" to get a random song by both categories.

Vocal, Instrumental or Both

If you not into songs with lyrics and vocals you can select to listen and rate to only instrumentals and vice versa. If like both then you can select to listen to all tracks.

Explicit Lyrics

Select the "On" if you don't want to listen to music with explicit lyrics.

Social Media

We prefer connecting your social media with your account rather than pushing you to upload photos and do posts that you have already done on media that have created for this purpose. Therefore we follow an authorization method that lets you connect your social media with your Traxbeat account to show some of your latest activity like Instagram photos and Twitter feed. At a later stage we may add more social media in your accounts to edit or add. You Twitter feed will always shown on your main profile page while the Instagram photo feed will be available on the "Photos" tab.

Connecting Your Photos Section With Instagram

To connect your Traxbeat account with your Instagram, visit your "Settings" and select the "Social Media" tab. Once you are there click the button "Connect Your Account With Instagram". You will be redirected to instagram.com where you will have to login to your account and then follow the steps by accepting Traxbeat to connect to your account. Instagram passes a unique Token Key and your ID that we securely and privately store in order to collect your latest photos. When you finish, you will be redirected back to your settings and you will see now that you have connected. If you visit your profile and the click your photos tab, you will be able to see your latest photos and videos from Instagram.

Disconnecting Your Photos Section From Instagram

To fully disconnect from your Instagram, please follow the steps below:

Visit your "Settings" and then click the "Social Media" tab. Click the "Disconnect" button under Instagram. You have now disconnected Traxbeat from showing photos and getting info from your account but you have not disconnected Instagram yet. To do so, complete the step below.
Visit instagram.com/accounts/manage_access and from the "Apps and Websites" tab find traxbeat.com and click the "Remove" button.

Now you have successfully disconnected from your Instagram account. If you wish to connect again later on, you should authorize the connection again through your Settings and clicking the "Social Media" tab.

How To Add Your Twitter Feed On Your Profile?

To add your Twitter feed, first visit "Settings" and then click the "Profile" tab. On the Links section enter the Twitter Username on the corresponding twitter field and click Save. Next click the "Social Media" tab and click the button "Enable Twitter Feed" and you are done. To remove the Twitter feed just click the "Disable" Button.


Your password should always be long. Why? Because long passwords are difficult to solve. On the other hand short passwords take up less storage space which makes them easier to break. Long passwords require attackers to make many more attempts to uncover the password. So always choose a long password with random characters including special ones.

Your 2-Step Verification

For those who want an extra field of protection in their account, you can enable 2-Step Authentication to use with your Google Authenticator. When enabled, each time you login you will need to provide a 6-digit code to access your account along with your password.

How Do I Enable 2-Step Verification?

While logged in, go to your Settings and choose Security. In your Security tab click the "Enable Authenticator" button. You will be redirected to a new page where you can scan a barcode or just type in a code in your authenticaror. You will need to have installed Google Authenticator on your mobile device.

When the barcord is scanned, find and enter the corresponding 6-digit authentication code from your mobile device, click "Enable" and you are done. The next time you login you will need to enter your password and then a 6-digit aythentication code from your mobile device.

Problem with 2-Step Verification

If the 6-digit code that your device shows fails to bypass our 2-step authontication process or you have lost your device please contact with us by using the Support form below and describe with as much details as you can. Our support team will guide you on how to reset your account.

How to Disable 2-Step Verification.

Go to your "Settings" and then "Security". Click the "Disable" button.

How Do I Change my Email?

To change your email address go to "Settings" and then choose "Security". On the Email section, click "Change" and enter your new email address twice and then click "Save New Email". You will receive a verification email with a link. Click the link to let us know that this is your email and to verify your new email address. The next time you login in, you will have to type your new email address.

How Do I Change my Password?

Your password is a very important part of your account. Nowadays passwords are not always secure especially when they are too short like a year or a name. Having a password with various characters is always better than a short and simple one. We recommend your password is at least 8 characters and that includes also numbers, capitals and special characters.

Forgot your password?

While in the login page, click the "Forgot Password?". You will need to provide your email address. If the email address is valid, you will receive a reset password link. Now you can enter your new password and use this to login to your account.

Updating your Password

You can also update your password anytime you want. Just go to your "Settings" and then choose "Security". Enter your current password and then type in your new password in the required fields and click "Update Password". Now the next time you login just use your newly updated password.