The Charts

Music Charts

Music Charts is where you can find the best rated tracks by genre, by country and by language, the best artists and record labels and of course the best raters. You can now discover great music, that people like you love to listen to.

Chart Rating Limit

Currently our charts do not have any rating limit which means any song will be available through the charts but at a later stage there will be a rating requirement.

How Long Can a Track Stay in The Charts?

There are 4 categories of charts to explore and these are the power, monthly, annual and all-time charts. Monthly charts show only tracks that have been released within a specific month. If you want real time charts then you should use our power charts where a track can stay in the rankings up to 200 days from the day of its release always depending on its rating and then will be available in the Annual and All-Time charts.

The Track Point System

The rating of a track is the most important factor in rankings. When a track is released, the rating transforms into points but these points are not static. Each day a track looses a small amount of points that affect a track position in the charts and translates into -0.05 rating per day. When the track reaches zero points or 200 days from its release date, it will no longer available in the power charts. The higher the rating of a track the more days will be on the charts. Actions like favorites and sales, like unique streams and downloads, can boost a track position and points a little but can never overide the power of a rating. Boosting is not available in Traxbeat Beta and during test-mode.

My Track is Not in The Charts

If your track is not in our charts then it might be one of the following cases:
1. Your song is still in rating process and its average rating is not locked yet.
2. Your song has an average rating below the chart rating limit (Not available in Beta).
3. Your song has been blocked due to copyright infrigement claims.
4. Your song has been in the charts for at least 200 days (Power Charts) or has been released a previous month (Monthly Charts).

Can I Sell My Music in The Charts?

Selling music in Traxbeat is currently available only for registered beta users. During our beta run, every song released will also have all available links to external digital stores (ex. iTunes, Spotify).

Will Downloads & Streams affect a Song Position?

Currently downlaods & streams of a song affect Power Chart Rankings. We are still investigating how downloads & streams could add some value, and how much, in each song in our charts. In each case, the average rating will always have more value on ranking music in our charts.

User Charts

Every user is ranked in the corresponding chart of their account type as below:

Artist Charts

Artist Charts are where every musician and band is ranked according to their rating which is a result of the average rating of all songs uploaded in their account. Artist Charts are All-Time charts and you need at least one track uploaded and rating locked to see your name in the rankings. Please note that the minimum tracks requirement will increase over time.

Record Label Charts

As Artist Charts above, Record Labels are ranked the same way with their rating affected by uploaded and licensed songs.

Music Fan Charts

Music Fan are ranked differently. Every user account has an audit rating that is calculated according to how the user rates music (See Audit Rating & Points). The charts show both audit rating and points. Users are ranked by points. The points have more value than the audit rating because it will not be fair to see a user with just one rating higher than a user that has more ratings. For this reason we apply points along with audit rating to have balance in the charts and more accurate evaluation for the best raters.

The Music Fan Charts are updated in a monthly basis and we also have Annual and All-Time.

Minimum Amount of Rates to Enter the Music Fan Charts

You need to rate at least 10 songs per month to appear the Music Fan Charts.