How Distribution Works & Requirements?

Unline other online distributors that have not limits on what you can actually release, in Traxbeat we aim on delivering quality with reliable charts and music rankings. In order to be able to distribute a release, all the tracks in the release must have not released before and must have completed their rating process and received their final AVR. The release total average rating must be above 6 (Beta Requirement: 5+) and it is calculated by dividing the sum of the tracks average rating with the total tracks, excluding hidden ratings.

As an example, a single release with 3 tracks and the following AVRs: 3,5,7. The total release avr is 2+5+7 = 14 / 3 = 4.66 RAVR. This means that your release is not eligible in our Beta version for distribution unless you either remover the lower avr from your release or use the "Hide Rating" option. So if we hide 2, we get 5 + 7 = 12 / 2 = 6 RAVR and release can be distributed.

How Much Distribution Costs?

To distribute and create a release you need a minimum of 75 Credits to create a release and 25 credits per track added. If you don't have enough credits you can either earn more credits by rating music or by purchasing credits. More about Credits & Pricing see here.

Is Shazam & YouTube Content ID Free?

We deliver your music to stores & services that you select including Shazam & YouTube Content ID. These are Free to add at no additional cost.

Can I Distribute Exclusively To A Single Store?

Yes, just select only 1 store of your choice. Please note that exclusivity is currently supported by iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource and Juno Download and up to 4 weeks.

Creating a Release

To create a release click the "Create Release" in your left side navigation bar. You can now start adding all the required information like title, release date, tracks and more.

Release Details

Here you are required to fill the appropriate info such is your Release Title, the Music categoty and primary genre, your release date. Additionally a UPC/EAN Code if applicable otherwise we will generate for you for free.

Choosing the tracks

You can release a Single, EP or Album. This is automatically renders according to the amount of tracks that you add. You can select as many tracks as you want but the RAVR should be 5 or more. If the AVR of your release is below 5 you will get a warning. You can add also hidden tracks that don't affect your AVR but note that releasing a hidden track will make it permanent and you will not be able to unhide later on even if you withdraw a release. While you are adding tracks you will be able to see also the total cost of your release distribution (See Distribution & Release Costs).

Choosing the stores

You can choose "All Stores" if you want to release to all stores or just select your preferred ones. Also if you want you can enable to use Youtube Content ID if you want us to take care of your YouTube monetization. Of course you can add or remove stores later on. Currently changes and updates are free while in Beta version.

Updating a Release/Replacing Audio

To update a release, head over to your release and click "Edit". When you are ready, click the "Update Release" button. Changes may take 1-2 days, depending on store processing times. Please note that you have 1 free update. If you want to update again your release, it will cost 50 Credits per update.

Replace/Update File:If there is a case that you want to replace your Master File, go to your track and click "Replace Master". Replacing audio is possible in certain cases, like improved master/mixdown, and it costs 25 credits per replace. Note that any new audio will be checked and must be approved first.

Release Approval & Music Genres

Every Release is getting through a number of checks like cover quality, genre & store eligibility and release information. If we find any errors or wrong information, we may change and correct any required fields. For example submiting a release as Jazz while it is Techno will fail and your genre will change to the correct one. In case of an audio copyright infrigement or other audio issues your release may not be approved and canceled. Some stores also don't accept certain genres and your release may not be delivered if its genre is irrelevant. Currently the approval of a release can take up to 24 hours.

Release Dates & Time Delivery

Delivery depends solely on each store processing time. Some digital stores may be faster than others. Usually your release will be delivered within 1-2 days after Traxbeat approval but we recommend that you set your release date 3-4 weeks in advance so you don't miss a store delivery or any other store benefits like "Spotify for Artists" playlist pitch.

I Cannot Add/Find a Track

If your dropdown track menu does not show one of your uploads , this means that either the track is still under rating process or blocked. If the track is unclickable this means that it has been already released in a single and it can only be added on an album release.

How Do I Withdraw a Release?

To withdraw a release, visit your "Discography" and click on Withdraw. Your request will be processed and your release will be withdrawn from stores within 14 days from your request. Some stores may vary in time. Withdrawing a release is free.

Re-Delivering a Release

To Re-Deliver a release that you withdrawed before, open your release and click on "Deliver Now". Re-Delivering will cost you 300 credits for Singles/EPs and 500 credits for Albums.

Distribution & Release Costs

Traxbeat services use credits. Credits are earned by rating music or purchasing credits to your account for €0.0199 per credit. For details on pricing please see "Pricing"

Available Retailers

Your music is distributed in association with Kontor New Media.

We are currently working with the following music retailers & services:

24-7 (YouSee/TDC) / Nuuday
7digital (Triller, Jazzed, eMusic, ...)
Amazon, Anghami Ltd, Apple Music (Audiobook)
Boomplay Music
Digital Stores
DJ Monitor (Service)
Gracenote (Service)
iHeart Radio
iTunes Store / Apple Music
JAXSTA (Service)
Mixcloud (Service)
Mondia Media
Music Island (Melon, Flo, Bugs, ...)
Music Worx
Napster (Huawei Music/Rhapsody/Realnetworks/ALDI)
Phononet Dtl. (Service)
PlayNetwork / TouchTunes
Real Networks Austria
Shazam (Service)
Tiger Media
TikTok / Resso
UMA (VK and others)
YaCast (Service)
Yandex Music (via Hitlab)
YouTube (Content ID)
YouTube Music
Zvooq (via Hitlab)

Can I Distribute Old Releases?

During our beta releases we only distribute music that has not released yet in public and is getting through our rating system. At a later stage we may allow distribution of tracks that have been available in the past and without rating.